1. What is Teen Patti Master?

Teen Patti Master is an exclusive program for skilled players to build their personal profile page and start making money by inviting friends, family, and others.

2. Which one is the online website/platform of Teen Patti Master app?

The official website for Teen Patti Master app keepng changing as the company new pages and new offers with a new domain and each affiliate gets a unique code/link which he/she can promote to get people download the app through his/her referral link. The official parent company name is taurus and the website is taurus.cash.

3. How can we be eligible for becoming a Teen Patti Master?

Its is based on how you play the game and whats been your perfomance in the game. on the basis of your perfomane in the game, Teen Patti Master tea will decide whether they can offer you the opportunity to join Teen Patti MAster program or not. If they find you eligible and want to offer you this opportunity then you will find an option on your teen patti master game screen to join this program. Then you have to send them a high quality image of yourself with a testimonial/review about the teen patti master game alsong with a request to be a part of Teen Patti Master program.

4. How many days the company can take to activate the Teen Patti Master profile?

AS per our knowledge the company can take upto 48-72 hours to activate your Teen Patti Master profile once the account has been appvoed by the company. 

5. Why has the company rejected my TP profile?

see, your teen Patti profile is approved by teen patti master team on the basis of some criteria set by the company. If you do not follow the criteria then your application can be rejected. There could be a number of reasons but we are mentioning a few of them as per our knowledge and prior experience. The reason of rejection could be an unsupported image format.REVIEW/Testimonial content has bad/not acceptable language, abusive/offensive words, or other stuff that the Teen Patti Master team finds inappropriate.

6. Is there any way to edit my Teen-Patti-Master profile?

I would like to tell you that If the company finds your profile not good or ellgible as per their quality of standard criteria and they are not able to publish it, then they will on their own infomr you by sending an email to you to inform you about the issue. and if in-case you would want to  re-submit your Teen Patti Master profile to the company, then you can surely send them the request by using the request form available on the Teen Patti Master official website, and they can enable the re-submission optionfor you.

7. Is it possible to complete Teen-Patti Master profile in small parts personally?

Off course, as per our knowledge and reviews recieved by the other users we can tell you that you will get the option to save yout TP profile if you can not complete it in one go and then visit again later when its possible for you to complete it. Isn’t it awesome 🙂

8. What are the benefits of becoming Teen Patti Master?

When you successfully become Teen-Patti Master after getting the approval from the company, the company would create a unique and separete webpage for you and also will allow you to share it on all the social media platforms that you actively use for promotions. If your friends or followers from any social network register on Teen Patti Master app then you will get a referral bonus for the same.

how much money I can make through Teen Patti Master? Is there any daily limit? 

No, as per our knowledge, there is no daily limit as such for the amount you can earn from Teen Patti Master referral program. However, Teen Patti Master can review it’s own policies and income structure at regular intervals and might put daily income limits on this program in thef uture but as of now there is no limit as such.

Misuse of the Teen Patti Master referral program?

You must avoid misuse of your Teen Patti Master profile by using fake images or assuring false commitments or claims. Teen Patti Master App reserves the right to temporarily or even permanently disable or terminate your Teen Patti Master profile. All the money that you might have made will be forfeited and you will get nothing after that. You may also get banned by the sompany from playing on Teen Patti Master app.

What’s the minimum withdrawal amount in the Teen Patti Master app?

Minimum amount for withdrawal is Rs.100 in the app and the wothdrawa system only takes 2-3 minutues to send the amount to your bank directly.

What payment methods are supported in Teen Patti Master Game?

1. UPI
2. IMPS (Bank transfer

Upi and bank transfers are available as of now in the app, and in the coming future, the company is planning to add more payment methods for the convenience of the players.